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Southwest Airlines Boarding Passes Now Display A-List Status

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Southwest Airlines is always looking for ways to improve our Customer experience and being an A-List Member just got better. Beginning Aug. 2, 2010, A-List status will be printed on all versions of the Southwest boarding pass and on security documents. That means if a Customer forgets to bring their A-List Membership card, there’s no need to worry.  With this new enhancement Customers can easily access Southwest’s coveted Fly By Priority Lane™.

There are many perks to being on the A-List which include a priority boarding position--most likely an “A”-- when purchasing travel at least 36 hours prior to the flight. A-List Members will also gain access to Fly By™ Priority Lanes for both checkin and security where available. To see which Southwest cities have Fly-By Lanes™, click here.

To earn A-List status, Customers must fly 16 roundtrips (32 one-way flights) in 12 months.  Visit our page of FAQs for more information about Southwest’s A-List recognition.

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I think this will make for alotta happy Customers!
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I lost my A list card ages ago. And, for some reason, Southwest never replaced it (probably thought I’d given it away!). Anyway, this is much better! I’m flying Wednesday... yoo hoo!!!!
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Its about time. Thanks WN!
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Awesome news! Southwest is the best. Every time I have to fly United with their smug Red Carpet it makes me glad I'm an A Lister!
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Southwest, I fly with you guys most weeks during the year. Sometimes, I will get a boarding pass between A30-A60. Can you let me know how you prioritize A list customers? Thanks, Jeff M.
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How do I get on the a list when traveling.
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Don't hate on the Red Carpet just because you can't get into First Class 🙂
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Love it... cept that I am always 2 flights short of the goal to make the alist!
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Finally! I was wondering when this was going to finally happen! Thank you!
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Wish I could be an A-List flyer, but don't get to fly that much. Just once or twice a year. Just try to check in as early as possible to get as good a position as possible.
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Do you still check their IDS? i am worried someone will lose there and it will get in the wrong hands..I got robbed on vacation and all my IDS were stolen and I must say that your computer had quite a big of information about me and my young son. I was ever so grateful to be flying SW as I was pretty upset and you replaced my tickets and got us home..
New Arrival
Thanks for the great info and for making it easy to fly Southwest!
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I love flying SWA and I love the A-List but unfortunately the Fly-By Lane at MDW doesn't mean much at all. Everyone uses it just like any other lane, they never ask for your credentials, and even if they did you would just be dumped into one of the long lines that forms after they check your ID and before you go through the screening area. The Fly-By Lane is one of the best benefits of the A-List and I'd love to see it improved at MDW. I used to live in Baltimore and the BWI Fly-By Lanes there were great... but now that I'm in Chicago I feel like I have lost an A-List benefit.
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I'm the partner of an A-lister (she flies more than thrice the amount needed for qualify!) I'm frequently with her on my Companion Pass, and it just doesn't make sense to make her hold my seat for me when we're traveling together. I can only use the pass when I'm with her...what's the harm of letting us check in together and allowing me to board with her?
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Hi Tom- Thanks for sharing your feedback here--sorry that you've been frustrated that your partner has had to save a seat for you in order to be able to sit together. The intent is to limit the number of Customers that qualify for reserved boarding that way it is still a benefit for those who qualify. I understand where you're coming from, and I'll share your feedback with the appropriate folks. Thanks again for your comment!
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Hey Matt, Thanks for the feedback about the lanes in MDW. We've been working really closely with the Station and the TSA on this issue. We currently staff the lane entrance with someone to help direct Customers to the correct lanes during the morning and evening "rush" periods and recently did some enhancements to the way the lanes are set up, all in hopes of mitigating these issues you brought up. However, however, when all the lanes get backed up, TSA requires that all lanes be open to everyone to help move traffic. Without doing this, the airlines are afraid that people will start missing their flights. Please know that we'll continue working with the various parties involved to ensure that Fly By remains a valuable product for our Business Select Customers and A-List Members!
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when will there be a A-list separate blog?