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Southwest Airlines' Heroes of the Heart Are...

Adventurer C
...the Graphic Design and Creative Services Team!  This small but mighty group works tirelessly to design Company posters, flyers, newsletters, and various publications.  They are highly talented and specialized, and they save Southwest Airlines a lot of money by designing many of our creative publications inhouse.  Please help us congratulate Sonia Avila, John Jones, Quyen Dong, and Trent Duran for their well-deserved win!  You ARE the Heroes of our Hearts!
Frequent Flyer C
This team is amazing!! They produce the best work ever!! My favorite item they've created is the Austin 30th Anniversary trendy and stylish. Yall rock, congrats!
Explorer C
congrats! Ya'll deserve the award...every poster, sign, company financial update...etc was designed by YOU! As a for mer and proud Employee (although my exit was not "ideal"), I salute you!
Not applicable
A great choice, congratulations!!!
Frequent Flyer B
Congratulations! *Has party.* Keep up the great work, everyone! :) Joke for the day: What did the hair say to the comb? Stop teasing me, please! Ha, ha. Get it? SWA LUV! 🙂
Explorer C
We couldn't be prouder of our amazing, talented four Coworkers and friends!! Congrats Team!!!!!!!
Explorer C
What a great group of very talented folks that give outstanding Customer Service with a smile! Over the years I thoroughly enjoyed working with each of you on many interesting projects...keep up the fabulous work! And congratulations on a well-deserved award!