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Southwest Airlines Media Day 2010: WiFi Details (Including Price) Revealed

Explorer C

In my last WiFi post, I promised that we would reveal the remaining details, including the price, in late October.

Today, I am pleased to announce that, after many months of price tests, Customer surveys, and industry observations, we are revealing a special introductory flat rate of $5! That's right ... for only $5 you can have full access to the Internet from departure to arrival. We plan to stay at a flat rate of $5 for all flight lengths and device types (laptop or handheld) as we continue to add to our growing number of WiFi-enabled aircraft. As of today, we have 32 planes installed with the Row 44 system, and we are adding to that number weekly.

So, how will you know you're on a WiFi plane? During the installation phase, we plan to roll out Customer notification and advance-purchase options. In the shortterm, we will be sending e-mails to Customers scheduled to be on a WiFi plane 24 hours before departure. Once onboard, Customers will be met by our new WiFi signs announcing they are onboard a "Southwest Airlines WiFi Hotspot." And, of course, our wonderful airport Employees and Flight Attendants will be helping us spread the word as well!

Once the Flight Attendants announce it is safe to turn on electronic devices, you simply have to boot up, select "Southwest WiFi" and launch your Internet browser. You will then have access to limited free content including a flight tracker, games, shopping, and all that has to offer via the "Southwest Airlines WiFi Hotspot" portal. You can then choose to spend your time exploring the free portal or pay the low introductory $5 to check e-mail, visit Facebook, watch YouTube ... the opportunities are endless! (Please note: VoIP--Voice Over Internet Protocol--is blocked).

At Southwest, we are dedicated to providing the best service at a great value, and WiFi is no exception. We hope to see you onboard one of our WiFi planes soon! For more information about Southwest’s WiFi, visit