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Southwest Airlines Unlocks the Key to Time Travel…and it’s Groovy, Baby!

Retired Community Manager

Innovation and hard work have hatched a breakthrough here at Southwest Airlines.  One of our lead aviation technicians determined it was possible to disrupt the laws of physics, through extensive research and dedication.  In short, we have discovered time travel.
Scientist Reginald Aloysius McGillicutty has been secretly working in an undersea hangar for nearly twenty years.  Recently, McGillicutty manufactured disruption in the space-time continuum inside his prototype of the planet Earth, using velocity-based time dilation under the theory of special relativity*.

Employees here at Southwest are so excited, we decided to duplicate the mechanism and ready it for real-life time travel.  A few lucky Customers were selected for the maiden voyage, for a flight back to 1971, the first year of Southwest operations.

The lucky few were picked to relive the very first flight from DAL-SAT, and got to experience for themselves what it was like to travel forty years ago.  Passengers were warned that they might see strange things during the trip.

Richard Nixon was in the White House, Dirty Harry was in the theater, and the refrains of “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” could be heard streaming from televisions across the land.  Most unbelievable of all, a gallon of gas only cost 40 cents.