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Southwest Airlines to Evaluate Addition of 737-800 to Our Fleet

Explorer B

Earlier today, I shared with our Employees that Southwest has been evaluating the opportunity to introduce the Boeing 737-800 into our fleet as part of our domestic network, but we have not yet finalized our decision.   While the aircraft introduces additional complexities to our operation, we believe our existing network could be enhanced by converting some of our future 737-700 deliveries to 737-800s.  Introducing the -800, which has more seating capacity than the -700, would be a complementary fit to our current fleet by supplementing opportunities for longer-haul flying, while also potentially improving our unit costs.  The -800 can also give Southwest scheduling flexibility by allowing for additional capacity in high-demand, slot-controlled, or gate-restricted markets—in other words, we can carry more passengers to some of our most popular destinations.  

Since the decision to add the -800 has not been finalized, any details regarding configuration, timing, and quantity of deliveries are still to be determined.   Given the long Boeing lead time from order to delivery, Southwest would need to make a final decision by December 1 to begin accepting deliveries by early 2012.  We are proud to continue our strong history of being the largest Boeing 737 operator in the world, and excited for the potential opportunities that lie ahead for Southwest Airlines which would come with introducing the -800 into our fleet. 


Explorer C
Would love a Southwest Hawaii route, really miss the ATA exchange. I hate flying United but that seems to be what works out of Chicago. Easily, would prefer to keep my flights with Southwest. As to why so many are mentioning Hawaii, easy . . . most major airlines service Hawaii and would make a good fit for Southwest. If the 800 will get us there, then please add it. By the by, I always find economy class on SW to have larger seats than any united flight.
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If SWA flew to Hawaii I would never take another carrier there.
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Hi, glad to visit you..
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OMG! So excited for this idea! Love it! I was hoping Southwest would consider this option. I think it would be a great decision.
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I say bring on the 800s! I've flown Southwest so many times I can't count 'em and absolutely won't fly on any other airline. I'd look forward to seeing and flying on a 737-800. Let's do it!
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I am glad i did some research on southwest, i was under the impression they only used really old 737's, like the 200,300,400, i did not know boeing had a 5 series 737.
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I hope you will be adding Carribean travel destiinations to your offerings. I fly to Antigua and the only direct carrier now is Continental from Newark. As a stockholder in Southwest I would really like to fly Southwest from Islip. Keep up the good work.
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Will the wing pods on the 800's be painted canyon blue?
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When will Southwest start flying to Hawaii ?