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Southwest Airlines to offer Cargo Only Flights


At Southwest Airlines, today and every day we face adversity with a Warrior Spirit—a mantra that’s kept Southwest flying through the good and rough periods the airline industry faces. Today is no different. We’re facing one of the most unprecedented times in our industry and it’s up to us to create new and innovative ways to continue serving our Customers, including those who are moving cargo throughout the United States.


While you may not realize, Southwest offers the ability to ship Cargo via our scheduled passenger service today. Just like we do for our Customers, we have the same mission for our Cargo Customers—connecting them and their cargo to the People and places that matter most in their lives.


For many of our Cargo Customers, time is of the essence as we often carry life-critical medical treatments, medical supplies, and even food products. Additionally, we carry many e-commerce goods that you’re purchasing online. Now, as the United States faces the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis head-on, we’re looking for ways to continue getting these much-needed products to those who need it the most, including shipments from qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations who are helping combat the pandemic.


For the first time in our nearly 50 years of serving the flying public, we’ll offer cargo-only charter services on our Boeing 737s. Cargo will be shipped like it normally would on a scheduled flight—in the belly of our 737s- and only our Pilots and other necessary Team Members will be onboard for these flights. This new service is being provided in conjunction with our Passenger Charter Team. We’re looking forward to continuing to serve our Customers by these on-demand charter flights which will help move critical commodities that are vital to our health and the economy throughout the United States.


Our Heart is to take care of People because we are more than an airline; we are your neighbor. While we are all facing the realities of the pandemic together, know that Southwest and our Cargo and Passenger Charters Team are here to serve to ensure we’re doing our part to keep the country moving forward.  We invite you to visit  to see how we can serve your organization’s needs during this time.