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Southwest Customer Spotlight: SWA Phone Home

Explorer B
When Customer Mary E. Baxter left her cell phone on a Southwest Airlines flight, she was convinced she’d never see it again.  When the 83-year-old learned that Southwest had found her  "flip phone" and was returning it to her, she flipped out her pen and wrote us a poem.  Thanks for the lovely poem Mary ... it was our pleasure to serve you.  Be sure to give us a call next time you need a lift to Denver!


Please let me thank you, dear Southwest for sending back my phone It may not seem like some big thing, no just to me alone, My trip to Denver was a joy, and you took me there in style A smooth flight going and coming home mile after mile after mile But much to my chagrin as I arrived and opened up my purse The lovely trip where I had fun had just gotten so much worse I frantically searched both high and low, and dumped out everything But no, no phone was to be had and nothing there to ring Back I dashed into Terminal Four, up to your counter there Only to learn your plane and my phone were already in the air Oh las, alack, and sun of a gun, it really made me mad No phone, no contacts, no way to tell my family that I was sad Next day I went and replaced my loss with heavy, heavy heart And now I have an instrument which Verizon says is “Smart” At 83 my mind is boggled with switches that I can no longer toggle A simple phone call seems out of reach. Am I too old for them to teach? And just when I had given up hope and decided to stick with landline Southwest had emailed to say they found a flip phone that was mine Gladly I answered and agreed for my treasure to be returned Its arrival just yesterday was greeted so gladly and I have a lesson I’ve learned So I’d be remiss if I didn’t say to you now in my creaky, old lady, voice That definitely in my future travels that Southwest is ALWAYS FIRST CHOICE!!!
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