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Southwest Debuts New Ads Featuring Fun and Fearless Bag Cops!

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Other airlines have been pushing bag fees and Southwest Airlines STILL isn’t charging for bags to fly. Why do the ‘other guys’ charge for bags?  It’s not my place to say, but this Fall is all about Southwest letting Customers (and their bags) know that bag fees make us sick too!  If bag fees are the poison, then Southwest is the antidote.  If bag fees are the crime, Southwest is the law.

Once again, we called on Southwest Employees and their Fun-LUVing Spirit to step out of their everyday roles and in front of the cameras.  Our Rampers are the Bag Cops, here to protect and load your bags.  “Good Cops, Bag Cops” are advocates for Customers with a little competitiveness.  We’re not saying that we crossed any lines or that we chased down our competitors (ramp vehicles can only go a max 15mph), but we LUV raising the bar for Customer Service!

Here are some fun facts about the production of the new ads:
• 295 people submitted applications to audition for the ads
• 236 people were chosen to audition
• Out of the awesome auditions, we chose:
• 16 Pilots
• 5 Mechanics
• 20 Rampers

So check them out and let us know what you think. Click here and here to see the new ads.


Explorer B
Out of sensitivity to people with peanut allergies, I suggest you rename your blog, Nabisco selections about Southwest.
Explorer C
Well you don't have bag fees per se. But your fares have gone up enough that I wind up paying the same amount, even though I never check bags. That's kinda lame How about some kind of bonus for not checking bags to make up for it? Maybe half an RR point?
Explorer C
I just want Southwest to fly me and my bags from Houston Hobby to Shreveport, LA and back!
Explorer C
I love Southwest and the no bag fees - but my concern is this does little to help the business traveler - the folks you are going after as they often pay higher fares - since most business travelers don't check bags - At least there is Alist, business select for them, I guess.........