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Southwest Debuts the 737-800: Warrior One!

Aviator C

Many of you have been following our updates as our new 737-800 moved through the construction process and through the first test flight on February 23. One of those steps was the “in-person” introduction today to members of the media, Southwest Employees, and guests at events hosted in Dallas.

The day kicked off with a media preview of the new aircraft, followed by an Employee celebration. At the media preview, Southwest Executives Mike Van de Ven and Brian Hirshman displayed the aircraft to reporters, showcasing the highlights of the -800’s features like the new Boeing Sky Interior, as well as discussing how the -800 will allow us to add overwater routes and more capacity to slot-restricted airports. Boeing Vice President and Program Manager for the 737 Program, Bev Wyse, closed out the media presentation with a recap of Southwest’s long association with the 737.

Sun Warrior

Then the aircraft taxied over to the Employee event, where it was dedicated and named  Warrior One in salute of the Southwest Employees’ Warrior Spirit. The 737-800 will take our airline to new places and allow us compete in highly competitive, but highly restricted markets like LaGuardia, so it’s only fitting that we name it Warrior One to reflect that “can do” attitude.

This is a beautiful aircraft, and I know our Customers will love it, but it also plays an important strategic role in our future. Warrior One and the other -800s carry 175 passengers, which is a whopping 28 percent increase over our current fleet configuration.  Besides improving our unit costs per flight, the -800 gives us opportunities for longer-haul flying and schedule flexibility by adding capacity in those high-demand, slot-controlled, or gate-restricted airports.

Sky Interior

The Boeing Sky Interior offers a quieter, more comfortable environment for Customers with taller ceilings and more overhead bin space, improved operational security features, and ambient LED reading and ceiling lighting. Besides being more effective, the new interior is energy efficient. Also, our great Flight Attendants can match the lighting to the mood onboard the aircraft—subdued at night or bright and festive for a Las Vegas flight.

After the formal part of the event, Employees were allowed to tour the aircraft and see firsthand the new Boeing Sky Interior with its improved sidewalls, larger overheads, and new ceiling with mood lighting. 


After some final certifications, Warrior One and our second 737-800 will be set to enter scheduled service on April 11. I hope you all have a chance to fly on a brand new Southwest -800 very soon!


Explorer C
I look forward to flying on your new aircraft. I hope more flights open up to other routes that are now controlled by less deserving air lines. Keep up the good work. I always look to fly Southwest if at all possible. I have not had a bad experience yet. Sincerely, Stu Holloway
Explorer C
Congratulations Southwest! It's always good to hear good news, your airline rocks! Looking forward to my next journey aboard your aircraft. Love the staff, the service, and... in fact I love the company. Thanks for sharing the exciting news!!
Explorer C
For those of you who don't like the name Warrior for the plane I'm wondering if you would like the name better if this plane goes to Hawaii?? I'm just curious SWA. I think Matt hit the nail on the head. Does the name of this plane have to do with the football team named Hawaii Warriors?? Hmm?? I sure hope so!! Luv it!
Explorer C
Was disappointed to see "Warrior One" was NOT dedicated to the warriors in our military services.
Explorer C
We fly Southwest regularly to the DC area and are hoping that the new planes will soon begin flying into Reagan Intl Airport so we don't have to come into DC from Baltimore any more. How about it, Southwest??
Explorer C
i would like to see it fly from chicago to dallas & chicago to vegas
Explorer C
I love Southwest and fly it when I can. I am in Hawaii and awaiting the inclusion of Southwest to our islands. Good luck Southwest! Glad to see your new plane that is pacific ocean capable. Let me know when it is expected to arrive. I would love to book a ticket.
Explorer C
We're waiting for Southwest to come to Hawaii with the -800!!!! Come on down, Aloha.
Explorer C
So excited about to take the new 737-800 right now! WN3804 BWI>PHX! Yay, Southwest!
Explorer C
Man, this is exciting, its going to be even more exciting after they (Southwest) decides to get some 737-900ER's into the family!
Explorer C
Just rode on this new aircraft on Mother's Day. What a surprise, magnificent job Southwest, I can't wait to ride again!!!
Explorer C
I fly Southwest all the time and have to drive to Manchester to get to Colorado. I will be very glad if they ever decide to come to Maine.