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Southwest Makes My Practice Possible

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Thanks to Southwest, this therapist was able to continue her practice in Houston while living in California.Thanks to Southwest, this therapist was able to continue her practice in Houston while living in California.

 I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and started a private practice in the Los Angeles area in 2010.  In 2013, we were informed by the U.S. Army that my husband was getting relocated and we would have to move to another state.  Since my husband is an active duty Army officer, whenever we are told that he has to change positions, we have to pack up and move. I was so heartbroken to dissolve my private practice in California since I had worked so hard to build it.  


In 2013, we settled in the Houston area and I was able to get licensed in Texas and started  a small practice.  I have since built my practice and have now become a co-owner of South Shore Center for Couples and Families.  My practice is thriving and I love the area and the work that I do.  But that almost wasn't the case.


As the co-ownership agreement and our practice's expansion was nearly complete earilier this year, we were informed that we were were again being transferred.  We had expected at least another year in Houston, so it came as quite a shock.  


After a brief freak out about having to dissolve another practice and leave my clients, I turned to Southwest after receiving an email about a sale they were running.  I had already been a Rapid Rewards Member and flown Southwest quite a bit, but that night I booked six round trip tickets for flights between September and December 2016, so that I can still maintain my practice in Texas. Addtionally, I have also booked flights for every other week between January and March 2017.  


When I broke the news to my current clients that I was relocating to Southern California they were disappointed. But then I was able to give them a list of dates that I would be returning to Houston and they were so thankful that they could continue their work with me and that although I was leaving I wasn't really gone.  


In turn, I am so thankful that Southwest has made it possible for me to be able to continue my practice and allow me to commute from Los Angeles to Houston on a nonstop flight as often as I need without breaking the bank!  As a child, my mom worked for Delta Airlines (prior Western) and I always flew Delta as I had passes.  Actually, as an adult I  still have those passes any time I want to use them since she retired and they are lifelong for her children.  However I can't remember the last time I flew them and joke with my mom that my loyalty lies with Southwest!  


Thank you Southwest for making it possible to maintain my practice and continue to help my clients!