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Special Dish Trip Edition: Greenville, SC

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Hello, Southwest fans!  As you already know, the Dish Trip team travels only in the name of food, and our latest Dish Trip took us to Upstate country in South Carolina.
This special trip to Greenville-Spartanburg was to celebrate Southwest Airlines' service to their 70th destination, and part of the festivities included a progressive dinner where we got to fill up on the best eats in town.  Here is our latest video of all the delicious action.
Stop #1: Nantucket Seafood Grill and Marriott Courtyard Greenville
40 West Broad Street Greenville, SC (864) 546-3535
50 West Broad Street, Greenville - (864) 451-5700Our first stop was for crab cakes and hush puppies paired with Nantucket Summer Cocktails  at Nantucket Seafood Grill. This restaurant represents the second addition to the thriving downtown business district by Rick Erwin — a Greenville native — and I was lucky to have joined their CFO for some savory seafood goodness! The Company Crabcakes were served with a mustard aoili and were filled with so much colossal lump crab meat that I joked that there was no cake, just crab. Amazing! The house-made hush puppies had blue crab, bell pepper, and corn, and were served with a tasty tartar sauce.  This is the spot for Greenville’s freshest seafood, served up in a warm, modern atmosphere.  The weather was perfect (despite the wind) to enjoy these delicious bites outdoors in the gorgeous green space at the Courtyard Marriott next door.
Nantucket Seafood Grill
Company Crab Cakes and Hush Puppies with Nantucket Summer Ale from Nantucket Seafood Grill
The restaurant windows overlook the Courtyard Marriott green space and the patio.  This was a perfect spot to sit and sip on a Nantucket Summer Cocktail alongside the peaceful waterfall wall and it felt like an instant vacation. How much fun to have a little slice of paradise to enjoy while looking out at the hustle and bustle of downtown Greenville!  (I also heard that this space is used for an ice rink during winter months. Fun!).
Courtyard Marriott
The gorgeous green space at the Courtyard Marriott in Downtown Greenville
Stop #2 Larkin’s on the River
318 South Main Street, Greenville, SC (864) 467-9777Our second stop for the evening was Larkin’s on the River.  I love me some southern food and was so excited to have some good ole shrimp and grits in such a cool atmosphere, along the river. The Larkin’s shrimp and stone ground grits were served in a martini glass with a rich cheese sauce, topped with sautéed jumbo shrimp, peppers, and a sprinkle of more cheese on top paired with a Ketel One Oranje martini.  Larkin’s is known for their steak, so I was thrilled to try some of their Tenderloin bites—incredibly tender slices of beef tenderloin served with chipotle aioli and pita chips paired with a Lewellen Syrah.   Both dishes and drink pairings are worth a trip to Greenville just for a bite, trust me. (You know I’d actually do that, right?).
Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp and Grits paired with a Ketel One Oranje Cocktail from Larkin's on the River
Downtown Greenville is like a secret city built on top of a gorgeous park overflowing with natural waterfalls and grassy areas. Picture perfect couples, families, and singles use the numerous bridges of the city to hop from hot spot to hot spot and to dine at the adorable restaurants downtown.  We walked our way between each restaurant and loved discovering the nooks and crannies of the city.
Downtown Greenville
Beautiful Downtown Greenville
Stop #3: The Lazy Goat
170 River Place, Greenville, SC (864) 679-5299Our third stop was The Lazy Goat, known for a “made from scratch” approach from the zahtar on the table to the house-made pasta.  The concept at this restaurant is to take your time, savor your food, share your stories, and escape in the flavors of the Mediterranean.  And that, we did!
The Lazy Goat
Moroccan Lamb and Fried Goat Cheese with Lazy Goat White Sangria
I sat with Chef de Cuisine Vicky Moore, who was cute as a button and a self-described “food geek” who loves to explore the culinary cultures of different areas of the world. We started with fried goat cheese bites that were dusted with pistachio and drizzled with honey.  One bite of one of those little morsels was all that this girl needed to sit back and embrace the slow food atmosphere.  But I had to get a taste of the succulent Moroccan lamb that was braised and served with warm pita, cucumber yogurt, and plantain chips.  Of course, I put it all together in one huge, amazing bite and, yes, I needed a napkin.  I was so distracted by the colorful tastes of the Mediterranean that I wasn’t paying attention to the mess I was making. But that’s what good food makes you do, right?  Flavorful dishes, a breathtaking view of the river, and a Lazy Goat signature sangria to wash it all down with ... check, check, and check!Stop #4: The Nose Dive
116 South Main Street Greenville, SC  (864) 373-7300Our fourth stop was The Nose Dive, a hip, fun, and bustling downtown spot.  The Nose Dive is a casual GastroPub featuring an eclectic menu of comfort food and pub fare created by Chef de Cuisine, Joey Pearson.  Their signature dishes are favorites like fish and chips, traditional lobster rolls and—one of my favorite pub foods—the Scotch egg, which I was happy to get a taste of.
The Nose Dive
A Scotch Egg from The Nose Dive
This hearty snack food is a hard-boiled egg that is wrapped with house-made sausage, covered in Panko bread crumbs, and then deep fried to golden brown perfection.  It was served with roasted red pepper puree and a celery remoulade. When you cut the Scotch Egg, it creates a really cool layering effect that looks like a food rainbow on your plate.  And, who doesn’t like a rainbow?  Joey was a good sport to hang with me, and I loved his choice to pair this treat with local Thomas Creek Beers.  It was a match made in, well, Greenville heaven.
Stop #5:  Barley’s Tap Room
25 West Washington Street Greenville, SC (864) 232-3706Our last stop was Barley’s Tap Room which has been the regular recipient of local "Best of..." awards—best poolroom, best pizza, best beer list, best bar, and best place to hang out. We were too full from our food tour of Greenville to try their famous fresh sourdough pizza, but we did enjoy their pool hall and cold beer on tap. Of course, as good guests, we came bearing Philly food gifts for our new friends in South Carolina.  Our friends at Victory Brewing Company shared a special brew presented exclusively for Southwest Airlines, called 737 Lager, which paired perfectly with the Victory Beer Truffles from Eclat Chocolates (voted to have the World's greatest caramels).  The Dish Trip team even brought cake pops in Southwest colors from Cakes and Candies by Maryellen for everyone to enjoy.
Victory Beer Truffles from Eclat Chocolate (served with the Victory 737 Lager, exclusively for Southwest Airlines)
We talked, we mingled, we drank, and we did a toast to celebrate Southwest’s service to  Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.  A few lucky fans even won roundtrip tickets on Southwest, and we called it a delicious night!The next morning the Dish Trip team headed over to the airport bright and early to send off the first flights with breakfast and Southwest’s signature coffee blend called Lift.  We loved watching a group of locals head to Chicago Midway on a first flight for a day trip just to experience some authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  Those are my kind of people!  (Many of them reported back to a Southwest Rep that they spent a lot more on pizza and beer than their airfare on Southwest!)
LIFT Coffee
Southwest Signature Lift Coffee
Special thanks to Greenville HD for being part of this adventure and for additional footage. Check out their work at Head over to for more information! As always, follow us on Twitter @dishtrip or friend us on Facebook for more dining details in a city near you.  Thanks for reading and watching—we’ll see you on the next Dish Trip!