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Southwest Airlines Community

Spreading the Joy of Dance, Diversity, and Community 35,000 Feet High!

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Bollywood Dance Scene is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that uses dance to celebrate cultural diversity and social harmony.


We are based in Minneapolis, and a bunch of us were flying back from Colorado after celebrating at a surprise 30th birthday bash for one of our teammates. We thought we could perform a dance on the flight to make it extra special for the Passengers onboard Southwest Flight #2675 flying from Denver to Minneapolis on the night of September 25, 2016.


We had contacted Southwest media entertainment about the idea, and they were very excited and asked us to speak to the cabin crew to make it happen. On the day of the flight, we spoke to the AWESOME cabin crew, who were very sweet and accommodating to make this happen for us! After the flight reached cruising altitude and the captain had turned off the seat belt sign, we had 14 of our dancers dance in the aisle for a fun three-minute Bollywood song. The whole experience fit so well with our mission of celebrating cultural diversity everywhere, including mid-air!


We cannot thank Southwest Airlines enough for the tremendous support and enthusiasm they showed throughout this process. Apart from being an airline that has generous baggage and flight rescheduling rules, they have also proven to be an airline that promotes diversity and encourages pure joy.

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