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Super Mario Maker Southwest Air Adventure!

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A Fun-LUVing Attitude is a required skill for working at Southwest. That’s why when Nintendo asked if we would like to create our own level in the new Super Mario Maker™ game for the Wii U™ console, we jumped at the opportunity. Beginning today, Wii U users can play the Southwest Air Adventure level by visiting Course World in Super Mario Maker. Users will take to the skies in an air-travel adventure, with unique Southwest-themed obstacles before ending at our signature Southwest Heart, made out of coins, of course!mario3 The Southwest level for Super Mario Maker also offers players the exclusive chance to unlock the Sky Pop costume in the game. Once players locate a Mystery Mushroom in the Southwest Air Adventure level, they are able to play the level in the classic Super Mario Land plane costume. Also, by completing the level, players can use the costume in future levels of their choosing! mario2 Play and enjoy  Southwest Air Adventure, and share your  clear time with us at @SouthwestAir! If you’re up for an even greater challenge, you can also try to set the World Record for fastest clear time!