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Technical Difficulties and Connections

Explorer A

I was traveling from Boston-Logan International Airport on Wednesday, July 20 and arrived at the airport around 2:15 p.m. I breezed through checking my bag and TSA pre-check security and enjoyed a delightful lunch with my cousin before we parted ways.


Slowly, the buzz of Southwest's technical dilemma became clear and by 5:00 p.m. it was pretty crazy down at the gates. EVERY SINGLE SOUTHWEST employee was going above and beyond their scope of responsibility and did their very best to keep everyone informed, making announcements and answering long lines of people asking questions that Southwest could not answer.


Since I listened to these announcements, I was able to relay them to anyone who was asking what was going on, and one gentlemen commented that I should be a "SWA honorary employee for the day!" We had a good laugh over that; however, I couldn't help notice that he was a bit 'disconnected' from all the drama in a different sort of sense. His next comment, "This is really nothing in the grand scheme of things," caught my attention, and I replied, "You are sooo absolutely correct!"


His eyes welled up with tears and he said, "Last night, a guy with my company–a GREAT guy–was killed while driving home from work. A tree fell on his car! I had JUST finished talking with him."




I have NO idea who this man was or where he was headed... but his comment changed me.  Life is full of delays and disappointments but sometimes those take us down paths we would never have chosen and we connect with people we wouldn't have otherwise.


So, true to SWA Customer Service, I DID make a connecton that crazy day! One that I will never forget!  Thank you for your integrity and for a job WELL DONE despite technology!




Anita Jeffery



Retired Community Manager

Wow, thanks for sharing your story, Anita. I know this probably wasn't the case for many of our affected travelers, but you provided a unique perspective. I hope we were able to get you to your destination.


Anita: thank you for sharing your story. You are right that we endeavor each day to connect people to the importants events in their lives. We didn't complete that mission last week, and I know how hard that has been on our Employees and on our Customers. Thank you for sharing a different perspective.