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Tell Congress to Keep Air Travel Affordable

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As a valued Customer of Southwest Airlines, I am writing to urge you to speak out against the proposed increase in Federal taxes on the airline industry and help keep the cost of air travel affordable. Recently, the White House sent a proposal to Congress that recommends two significant tax increases on the airline industry, a mandatory departure tax and an increased security tax.  We need you to lend your voice and tell Congress to OPPOSE increasing taxes on air travel.

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The proposed tax increases will greatly impact the industry and cost the airlines $3.5 billion annually and $36 billion over the next ten years. The increase in taxes is a cost our airline, our passengers, and our industry simply cannot absorb without having devastating effects on our business and the overall U.S. economy.

Higher Taxes =

Higher Fares for passengers

Fewer Flights to communities

Losses for the airlines

Fewer Jobs for Americans

Here are the facts:

  • The Administration is recommending a mandatory $100 charge for every departure in controlled airspace, which will cost the airline industry $11 billion over the next ten years.

  • Additionally, the new tax recommendations would DOUBLE the passenger security tax to $5.00 per one-way trip, and TRIPLE the tax by 2017 to $7.50.

  • This proposed “SECURITY TAX” will cost the industry $25 billion alone, and $15 billion will go toward the federal deficit reduction rather than investing in security. No other forms of transportation bears the cost of federal security, including trains, ground transit, cruise lines, or maritime.

  • Currently, Federal aviation taxes and fees constitute 20 percent, or $61, of a typical $300 domestic roundtrip ticket—that is higher than taxes paid for alcohol, tobacco, or guns. These items are taxed at high rates to discourage use!

As you can see from the facts and figures above, the ramifications of the proposed tax increases will impact us all, at a time when we can least afford it. New taxes on air travel would greatly impact your wallet and your flexibility in air travel. Airlines will have no choice but to try to offset these higher taxes by increasing fares or reducing service.

I am asking you to join me, and your fellow Southwest Airlines passengers, to tell Congress that deficit reduction cannot happen on the backs of those who drive the economy—U.S. airlines and our passengers. Take action now at and make your voice heard!

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