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Thanks, Dr. Seuss

Aviator C

Today would have been Theodore Geisel's 105th birthday.  If that name doesn't sound familiar, you probably know him by his nom de plume, Dr. Seuss.  For kids like me who grew up in the 1950s, Dr. Seuss led the way for our reading habits.  I think I had my first library card at the age of six from the Amarillo Public Library, and I can remember going to the library with my mom and leaving with a stack of books like The Cat in the Hat and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

All those rhymes and the amazing characters opened a world of imagination for me, a world that most of my Coworkers probably wish had been kept isolated.   But for an only child growing up in the 50s, Dr. Seuss was one of my best friends.  But, Theodore Geisel was much more than the good doctor. In the 1930s, he created several popular advertising campaigns.   He was a political cartoonist during World War II, and he won an Academey Award in 1947 for Documentary Feature with a film about Japenese Culture.  In the guise of Dr. Seuss, he also won the 1950 Oscar for Animated Short Film.

I'm not alone in my gratitude for this man.  I showed this post to my boss, Linda Rutherford, and she e-mailed  back:  "Here's my favorite quote from Dr. Seuss:  'Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened'."  So, here's to Dr. Seuss for teaching a nation how to read--and smile (and for helping me develop my sense of humor).


Adventurer C
I've always loved Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham and shared it with my kids. For me, his stories are filled with wisdom without forgetting innocence. That's why when my son recites in Spanish: Huevos verdes con jamón, I always smile!
Explorer C
I love Dr. Seuss too, but instead of focusing on this stuff, shouldn't you be inspecting the planes to make sure they're safe? Last year when the safety story broke Southwest assured us that it was nothing and there was no real violation; however, the $7.5 million in fines levied today by the FAA would seem to indicate otherwise. I'm really hesitant to fly your airline again if your planes aren't safe. And I wonder how much you are going to have to raise fares to cover these big fines - I suppose SWA won't be the low-fare leader anymore.
Explorer C
Ah, Dr. Seuss, and all those wonderful stories of my childhood. My favorite, I think, was The Sneetches, where "the Star-bellied Sneetches had bellies with stars. The Plain-bellied Sneetches had none upon thars." Little did I realize then that it was one my earliest lessons about discrimination. Here's to Dr. Seuss! My seatback and tray are in the upright position, and I'm ready to go!
Explorer C
I too LOVE Dr. Seuss!! My son is a little older now, but I wish he was still little so I could continue reading Dr. Seuss books to him. :o( I'm going to have to find someone else's kid to read to until my grandkids come, which unfortunately is too far away!! THANKS Dr. Seuss!!! ...and to the coward "anonymous"...this is a blog!! This isn't where the "safety workers" handle things! Lighten up and get a life!!!