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Thanksgiving Then and Now

Adventurer C

I enjoy remembering Thanksgivings past with my mother and father, grandparents and siblings, spouse and two young children.  Those were the best of times with nothing but hope for the future and gratitude for home and family--nowhere to go but up!  There's still a picture somewhere of a turkey cake that took me three days to make and an hour for everyone to eat!  My sister mentions it every year so its memory lives on.  There was no thought at the time but that this would all go on forever. 

As I sit thinking about this next Thanksgiving, life has changed and gratitude focuses on things for which I never expected to feel grateful.  Who among us is not grateful we have secure jobs?  I am grateful I have a home  that is paid for--no threat of foreclosure.  I now see my children in their own children's excitement over their homemade pilgrim hats and turkey pictures with colored paper tails.  I will admit I am thankful to simply show up for Thanksgiving dinner, in full makeup, bearing one pie.  I am thankful for women who still like to create Thanksgiving dinner.  I feel sadness for my loved ones who have passed, but such joy in friends who have become like family and who offer their help when needed.  

There are problems and concerns, but answers will be found--I simply Google them!  (Another thing I'm thankful for.)  Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you all.