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The Adventures of Southwest and TurboRoo!


Birthdays are a big deal at Southwest Airlines, and we were happy to support our furry friend, TurboRoo, on his very first birthday adventure! We flew TurboRoo and his family from their home in Indianapolis to Denver, where his birthday wish came true. TurboRoo was born with only two back legs, but that never stopped him from being  an energetic and happy pup. Shortly after he was born, he was adopted by his biggest fans, Ashley Looper and Raymond Hurt. They gave him a turbo-fit makeover with the help of 3D printing to create a cart that allows him to run and play like any other puppy. Understanding that TurboRoo wasn’t the only puppy who was born without all four legs, he took on the challenge to help other dogs like him. After TurboRoo asked us to go on his trip with him, we were pawsitive we wanted to make this his best birthday ever! TurboRoo’s birthday trip to Denver was unlike any other. He wasn’t there to have a party or meet up with his friends, but rather to design carts for his other friends in need with the help of the 3D Printing Store. The carts vary in size and shape to fit the needs of animals that have different disabilities. Through a process of heavy screenings and late-night decisions, TurboRoo’s trip ended in success! He and his friends at the 3D Print Store developed a new cart prototype that will improve the lives of animals just like him. We’re proud of everything our puppy friend has accomplished, and we love that we were able to take TurboRoo on his journey to make an impact. You go, TurboRoo!