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The Best Job—Helping Grant Miracles

I have the best job in the world.  For the past five years, I have had the privilege to manage Southwest’s Medical Transportation Grant Program since its inception where I work with hospitals and medical organizations to help grant miracles every day. 

Through Southwest’s unique program, we offer free, roundtrip tickets on Southwest to patients needing to travel to receive medical attention. 

Many times, we are providing hope in a hopeless situation, a miracle to someone who needs it most.  Imagine having the privilege to tell a patient or a patient’s family that they don’t need to worry about how they will afford to fly across the country to receive treatment. Together, we ease financial and emotional burdens to allow the patients and their loved ones to focus on what matters most. 
Over the past several weeks, we’ve shared with you several of these stories—stories from patients and families who received a miracle when they needed it most. Winston’s family sacrificed everything so he could receive the best treatment for his condition. Sue was offered a second chance of life when she received new lungs from a brave donor. Addison is able to live a life without worry despite her condition because she has been able to travel for the treatment she needs.  And yet, these stories are only a glimpse into the thousands of lives that have been touched through the program.
In 2012, Southwest provided more than $2.4 million in free transportation to more than 70 hospitals and organizations nationwide for patients seeking medical treatment. Since the program was launched, more than 20,000 lives have been touched through this program.

We believe that this is only the beginning, and many others just like Winston, Sue, and Addison are waiting in hopes of a miracle. You too can be a miracle granter by spreading the word about the Medical Transportation Grant Program. Together, we can make a difference by providing hope for those who need it most. 
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Learn more about this amazing program and how nonprofits can apply to participate: Act fast- the application closes on September 30.

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