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The Chant: Behind the Scenes of Battle Cry

Frequent Flyer C

Go behind the scenes of our newest commercial: Battle Cry, and also see how our Rampers "reveal" our Bag Policy.
Explorer C
Hey SWA, Thanks for posting the video. I really like the "behind the scenes" look at your commercials. Keep it up! Eric San Diego
Explorer C Southwest Flight to LA for NICKSCHRANK.COM football promo shoot. You guys were great! Thank you for all the love and support you showed for my first Hollywood promo shoot. You guys set the week off right. Great Times and Great Laughs!
Explorer B
I love the new campaign and behind the scene video -- fun. Erica from Dallas

Explorer C
apparently they didn't like our little commercial.... Pretty funny!
Explorer C
this ad, this behind the scenes shoot and this entire campaign is fabulous on so many levels. However, my favorite is that you use real employees in real work situations. Keep it up.