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The GAAP RAP by Southwest Airlines’ Rapping Flight Attendant

Frequent Flyer B

Southwest Airlines’ Rapping Flight Attendant, David Holmes, explains Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in a “GAAP Rap” at the 2009 Shareholder’s Meeting held at the Company’s Dallas headquarters today. 
Explorer C
David needs a raise!
Explorer C
Awesome! I love this guy! He does a great job representing you all! This kind of stuff is why Southwest will always be my business success story "hero"! You all have figured it out...and you keep making it better!
Explorer C
This rap was awesome. Looking forward to his next "single" 🙂
Explorer C
Would you please caption the video? Thanks.
Aviator C
Hi David, Thanks for your request. This video is now closed captioned, and our Emerging Media Team is looking at the best method to caption all of our videos in the future. Stay tuned. Brian
Explorer A
Awesome as always dave. check out our FA Janie King singing on our flight go to youtube the search: Southwest Airlines landing at MHT,NH ~Ryan, aka SouthwestFreak
Explorer C
Excellent presentation of one of the most boring topics in the universe -- GAAP. When is southwest airlines coming to Australia? I'd fly with you!
Explorer C
Very nice! Kudos for David. :)
Explorer C
If only all shareholder meetings included a bit of educational entertainment. Very well executed.
Explorer C
Brilliant follow up the original rap. I love the fact that your CEO has truly embraced this and is having fun with what has become a bit of an Internet phenomenum. And yes, give David a raise he he generated so much positive PR for free! Love this story so much I've blogged about it in the UK thanks james
Explorer C
Simple Alert - the video isn't loading and I'd LOVE to see it 🙂
Explorer C
This guy is soo funny! On tuesday I will be flying for the first time. I am nervous! Too bad I probably won't have a rapping flight attendant.