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Southwest Airlines Community

The Holidays at Headquarters

Adventurer C

Every year—usually around late August or early September—when no one else in Dallas is thinking about sleigh bells, decking the halls, or dashing through fields of snow, the Southwest Choir begins singing about those very things.  Well, practicing for the Annual Holiday Program, anyway! 

The Holiday Program has been a December staple at HDQ for 20 years, and I LUV that I'm able to say that I’ve been a part of the tradition for 16 of the 17 Decembers I’ve been here.  We’ve gone from musical skits to themed shows to the “mostly music” format we’ve enjoyed for the last several years.  All of the choir members, soloists, and instrumentalists are Southwest Employees, who volunteer 30 minutes a week to practice.  Although we often wonder if we will “have it together” by December, I’m always amazed at how it turns out on the day of the performance.  

We had our first AirTran Employee who sang with us this year, and we even did a fun One LUV take on the “Hippopotamus” song that the crowd seemed to enjoy (think "Integration Duck").  Hope you will do the same with this short video offering of the opening number of this year's program.