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The Memorial Marathon Water Stop

Explorer B

This was the 12th Annual Oklahoma Memorial Marathon, but the first year that I have volunteered for the water stop that is sponsored by Southwest Airlines.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I always hear my Coworkers say what a great time it is, so I was ready to find out for myself. 

My husband and I got to the venue at 6 a.m. and started to help with setup.  I was suprised but shouldn't have been, when we were asked to help unload and build the ticket counter. 

OKC Marathon Ticket Counter

"Ticket counter?" I asked myself.  Who else but Southwest would have a ticket counter set up? 

That, of course, was only the beginning.

With my Coworker Jessica and her bullhorn in front to guide everyone through, runners ran along our makeshift runway and were given pretzels, Powerade, and water.  Along with that came a lot of cheers and well-wishes from all of us!

Marathon Runway

The most amazing part of it all was how thankful everyone was that we were there.  We were thanked so many times by runners for volunteering.  I thought we had the easy job! We had a great time hearing all the jokes that eveyone came up with.

"Where are the oxygen masks?" asked one "passenger," while another asked, "Is this where I catch the express flight to the finish line?"  We all had a great time answering these questions and especially loved it when runners showed us their wings.

We were really pleased when Marathon officials asked us if we would be having the water stop again next year.  They appreciated our enthusiasm and we appreciated being there.  The money that is raised from the event helps to fund the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

Southwest will be back next year, and so will I. 

Explorer C
You guys are amazing. You pushed me through when I was struggling. This was my first full marathon and I could not of had a more amazing time. One of your people took my photo (I was wearing a grey shirt, I was the one who flew in on SW) Could I get that?
Explorer C
Very cool, I only ran the half so I didn't get to see this stop. But all the cheers, cowbells, costumes, etc... really made this event FLY by! Proud my Company sponsored this run! What a win-win for SWA and the OKC community.