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The Original Wrapper

Frequent Flyer B
While it is a security guideline every day of the year, it's a special challenge this time of year. I'm speaking of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guideline that asks air travelers NOT to wrap presents because sometimes they have to unwrap them to inspect them. If the G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip you wrapped beautifully looks suspicious, you will be asked to unwrap the gift so that a visual inspection can be made.

Where does that leave you? Well, you could take extra care unwrapping like your grandmother and hope the tape resticks. If, however, you were in Denver International, Phoenix Sky Harbor, or Dallas Love Field (and were flying Southwest Airlines) this week you would be in luck.

Once again this year Southwest Airlines teamed up with The Container Store to help people out of their tight spots. Even if the TSA didn’t make you open your wrapped gift, the nice ladies from The Container Store and several properly-trained Southwest Employees were helping Customers with their last-minute-gift-wrapping needs.

On this episode of Red Belly Radio, I interview a couple of the aforementioned elves and pick up a tip or two about how to make your gifts look professionally wrapped. Here is a hint—crease your paper and yes, you can actually use too much tape.
Explorer C
You did this at an airport, post security? If so, that's Very cool.
Frequent Flyer B
Than I guess we are very cool!
Explorer A
Just another way that Southwest shows the innovative ideas of it's employees and outstanding customer service.
Explorer A
You can wrap gifts when you get to your destination. Actually I stopped wrapping presents years ago. It just creates trash and wastes time and money. And when I tell Christmas travelers that I ship stuff, they often say that they wish they had done that. Who wants to haul a bunch of stuff around the airport?
Adventurer B
Hmmm, maybe I need to bribe Brian with some candy corn! My post didn't make it on, so I'll try again. Well, I think that's a good idea about wrapping. Maybe more airports will try it! Thought for the day: Why are they called peppermints when they're not made out of pepper? SWA LUV! 🙂