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Those who serve

Explorer C
As the war in Iraq continues, I'm glad to see TV shows celebrating those who have dedicated their time and, for some, their lives.  Too often we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget the meaning of what these brave, often young, men and women do for our country.  One particular show told stories of our brave soliders fighting in Iraq.  About ten minutes into it, I couldn't watch anymore because the program had just gotten too hard for me to watch.  My fiancé, Matt, is currently in Iraq on his second tour of duty.  During his first deployment, over a year and a half ago, we rarely heard of the personal stories of those soldiers.  I'm glad to see this change.  The stories of what our young men and women are going through are starting to find their way into our literature, our televisions, and our homes.  But, what surprised me most was how Southwest Airlines found its way into my home.  Last year when Matt deployed to Iraq, Southwest Airlines sent him a care package and me a letter of support.  That act alone was so extraordinary; what a gracious thing for a Company to do.  But what really got me was the concern many within the Company express when they see me.  All it takes is the pin I wear, "half my heart is in Iraq", and Pilots, Flight Attendents, CoHearts, Leaders, you name it, express their thanks to him.  We truly work with a Family here.   
Adventurer A
I was deployed last year in the persian Gulf in support of "OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM." One hot day in June I recieved a birthday card from Southwest Airlines. This simple act contributed so much to my morale, and reminded me of home. It is such an honor to serve our country, I admire all the troops that are on the gound, and to the sailors who are securing the oceans, and to the familes who have to endure such long deployments. Thank you Southwest for not forgetting us!!!
Explorer C
When will SWA begin booking reservations beyond October 27?
Explorer C
Susie: Let me join the others in giving props to your fiancee. Our prayers will be with him, and you too!
Explorer C
God bless you and your family from this Navy wife. I hope the other half of your heart comes home soon.
Adventurer C
Jean: My educated estimate is that the reservation schedule will open up sometime this week (perhaps Thursday) or next and will allow reservations through mid-December. If you haven't already, download and install DING! using the graphic link on the right of this page. You will receive notice via the DING! application as soon as or very shortly after the schedule extension occurs.
Explorer C
God bless your future hubby and all of our Troops and their Allies and those brave Iraqis who stand up to terrorist thugs and dictators and fight for their own freedom. Also don't forget our Troops and Allies in Afghanistan and the Afghans who help us fight islamofascism over THERE so we don't have to fight them HERE in our cities and our backyards. Motto of U.S. Special Forces: "Liberate the Oppressed" BWI F/A Tony
Explorer C
God bless Matt and you, Susie. I say a little prayer every day for all of our military heros in that sad part of the world. Thank you for your sacrifices. We've got to stand up to these sick, sad people. Thank you, again.
Explorer C
It is difficult to understand why God allows war..maybe it is to give those of us who so chose, an opportunity to help serve others who are so desperately in need. In any case, words cannot express the deep gratitude we as free Americans should have for these brave soldiers who place themselves in harm's way every day so that we may remain safe and continue to be free. My prayers are with you and your loved one. May he come home to you safe and sound.
Explorer C
I've read today SOUTHWEST'S inception and detailed history to date. There are many things that stand out in the company's incredible rise to the top. Certainly the word "Family" rings true to it's success in aviation and the dedication for it's employees and customers. SOUTHWEST did not use the word Family...they fullfilled it's meaning and never lost focus to pressure and market strategy to reach their vision. The "Original Sixteen" is testament to it's declaration and commitment. I will look forward to flying SOUTHWEST soon! John Perkovich Pittsburgh,Pa.
Explorer C
I also thank God for our military. Where would this country be without them? I'm curious about what the soldiers think of contractors being in Iraq. I hear pros and cons.
Explorer C
Adventurer C
Susie, Our Southwest Family certainly does care about you and your fiance and all other Men and Women serving in the Military. We all recognize the sacrifices they make for us each day . As our troops were sent to Iraq in 2003, Southwest made the Adopt A Soldier program available to all SW employees. We adopted a Soldier and his platoon for my sons second grade class. It was the best learning experience these children could have learned from. We as parents learned so much as we watched through the eyes of our children! Lacey Waldrep, SW Culture Activities coordinated this program as she herself poured her whole heart into the program! We were given a very special soldier, Lt. Ryan Booth who took special care in answering our childrens questions and concerns in his letters. We sent boxes and boxes of supplies, treats for the soldiers and small toys for the Soldiers to bring to the village children. The letters that these children would write to the soldiers, were heartfelt and touching... as they really felt they knew Lt. Booth and his platoon! Lt. Booth missed his first wedding Anniversary, so the class sent his wife flowers, hand made cards... and a gift on their special day! As luck would have it, our story had the perfect ending. Lt. Booth and his platoon all returned home. As adults, we all know it does not always happen that way so we counted our blessings! (Over and over!) After Lt. Booth returned to the States, we had him fly to Texas... on Southwest of course, for a Texas Welcome Home party and BBQ! We had story time around the campfire as Lt. Booth shared stories with all of us, something we will never forget. To see this Soldier walk into the classroom was a fairy tale ending and it gave us all such hope! Lt. Booth was promoted to Captain and he and his wife Heather are now expecting their first child! We pray for a fairy tale ending like this one... to Those That Serve our Country! Susie and Matt, we wish you the same! God Bless You!
Explorer C
Susie, I myself am a military spouse of 6 years. I also know Matt from High School and would just like to wish you both the best. With all of his deployments you have already endured, it speaks highly of your devotion. Truly devoted wives are far and few between! I can speak from experience that as long as you give him a warm loving home to come back to everyday the lifestyle will be wonderful! Our guys out there have such an important and serious job that a stable home is number one! Once again good luck in all you both do and give Matt my best! God Bless You Both!!!
Explorer C
Could you please tell me when Southwest will begin booking reservations beyond May 10 , 2007. Thanks much.