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Three's A Crowd

Explorer A
Several months ago, my husband and I received the most shocking news of our life. It was our first sonogram and we were giddy invisioning our first child. The doctor looked at my husband and said "Please don't hate me." Were my dreams of a family coming to a crashing hault? To our surprise, we were blessed with beyond measure with three. TRIPLETS! I've recently become noticeably pregnant which brings on a number of questions from the general public. I'm often asked "Do you know what you are having?" This presents an interesting dilemma for me. I could be truthful and respond with "Two girls and a boy" which creates a little shock followed by more questions about triplets. Or I could lie and avoid the extra fifteen minutes of triplet questions. People ask some very interesting questions about triplets. Usually I answer truthfully unless I'm in a rush. Another question I'm asked is "When are you due?" More often than not, I misunderstand the question for "What do you do?" and answer Marketing for Southwest Airlines. I LUV my job and I'm always proud to admit I work for Southwest. I guess I'm quickly learning it isn't all about me anymore. To the original question I answer 08/08/08. My due date is a pretty cool date even though our birthdate will be weeks earlier. We are spending the coming months preparing our home and our lives to be triplet parents. We are really excited to introduce three new faces to the Southwest Family.