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Timmy’s Journey Home


Earlier this month, a Houston-based animal rescue nonprofit organization CAMO Rescue and KHOU-TV Station in Houston, Texas, reached out to Southwest Airlines with a special request to help Timmy, go home to Michigan.


Meet Timmy, he is a Schnauzer Terrier Mix, who weighs 11 pounds and is ten-years-old. His pelvis was crushed and didn’t heal properly, so poor Timmy was left to be euthanized, before CAMO Rescue saved him. After searching near and far for the right fit, CAMO Rescue found a match for Timmy with a family in Michigan. The only problem was finding a way to get him from Texas to Michigan without having to put him on the road for a long period of time. In addition, Timmy’s new adopted mom was unable to travel for medical reasons.




That’s when CAMO Rescue and KHOU-TV Station reached out to Southwest to help with Timmy’s journey home. One of CAMO’s Rescue volunteers, Kelley, flew with Timmy to deliver him to his family, and Timmy flew in a Southwest pet carrier. Our amazing Employees in Houston, Nashville, and Detroit hopped onboard for Mission: Timmy’s Journey Home and gave Timmy and Kelley the red carpet treatment.


(Southwest Airlines Houston Employees sending off Timmy and Kelley, CAMO Rescue Volunteer, in style)

Along the way Timmy was greeted by many Southwest Employees and became instant friends. Employees in all three airports threw him a paw-tastic send off with gifts, homemade signs, and, of course, lots of love! Timmy even had a chance to sit with his new Pilot Buddy in the Flight Deck. Finally after three cities and lots of love, Timmy arrived in Detroit ready to meet his new family.





Timmy, thank you for letting us be part of your journey. You won all of our hearts here at Southwest, and we welcome you home to your new fur-ever home!



 (Timmy and his new family)

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