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Travel Tips from Manny the Frenchie!

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This is a guest post written by Manny the Frenchie.


Since I am a frequent traveling pup, I thought that I would share some airplane travel tips for my fellow animal friends and their humans. I have traveled to more than 18 cities within the last year across the U.S. for appearances and for my charity tour. So trust me, I have a ton of experience with airports and definitely know my way around an airplane! My parents enjoy flying Southwest because I get to travel in the cabin with them. Due to my breed, I'm a brachycephalic, which means I have respiratory issues. So they get to keep a close eye on me while I travel.


Here are some of my favorite tips for travel:

    1. First thing to do is find out which airlines are pet friendly. A majority of airlines allow pets, but only allow a certain amount of pets onboard. Be sure to call early and reserve your spot! Our preferred airline is Southwest because we can sit anywhere on the plane. If we need to move because someone has an allergy on the plane, then that person can either change seats or we can move to accommodate them. Southwest’s Pet Fare is only $95 one-way, and it is one of the best deals you will find!
    2. Traveling can be very stressful for animals, especially if they are confined in a small area. I recommend finding a carrier that is comfortable and spacious enough for movement. Your furry companion should be able to turn around in their carrier if they want to adjust sleeping positions. We have tried many carriers, and we love the new Southwest pet carrier. It is also helpful to get accustomed to your carrier before flight by taking naps at home in your carrier and making it comfortable with toys for the flight.
    3. Be sure to check if the airport you’re flying out of has a pet relief area. This makes it really easy to go the bathroom before we enter the airport and prior to checking in at the ticket counter. Mommy and Daddy make sure I don't eat and drink too much before the flight so I won't have to go on the plane. You never know if your travel plans might change, so make sure you go number one and two before passing through security.
    4. Bring plenty of water and snacks (bacon snacks are my favorite) to last the trip so you don’t travel on an empty stomach, but don’t overeat in case you get motion sickness. Of course you can't bring water through security, so my parents always bring a small water dish and buy water at the airport. There are also yummy over-the-counter calming snacks that help. I don't need any, but it's good to have some just in case you are a little nervous or anxious about traveling, or it's your first time. Consult with your vet on what to take if this is the case.
    5. And last but not least, make sure your mommy and daddy find a pet-friendly hotel while you are traveling. There are a ton of hotels that welcome four-legged companions all over the world.

I hope this helps all my furry friends and their parents the next time they travel on a plane! For more details on Southwest Airlines’ Pet Fare visit


From your friend,

Manny the Frenchie