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Travelin' Taylor Tour: Parmalee, Live at 35

Retired Community Manager

I hold punctuality above most other virtues, and so it was a pleasant surprise when the guys from Parmalee got to Nashville Airport even before I did.  The Carolina band got its name from the community of Parmale, where the guys used to practice.  Humble beginnings, to be sure, as their positive attitudes and laid-back nature resembled what you'd find in a small, welcoming community.

The primary song they showcased inflight, "Carolina," also resembled that hometown feel.  It's all about being back home.  Fitting, then, for Parmalee to play the song to a plane full of Passengers who may have been journeying back home from voyages large and small.  Sometimes, even the heaviest of landings can be comforting when you know you're one step closer to the place where you belong.

Be sure to check your local listings and tune in to Storme Warren's Headline Country on Great American Country next Thursday, May 30.  You can also click the previous link to stream the full episode after it airs.
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