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Two Families Experience The Most Magical Place and Airline on Earth

Frequent Flyer C

These guest blogs are written by Mindy Scott and Rachel Henry, who won an Instagram contest with The Bucket List Family to take their families on a trip to Disneyland on Southwest Airlines. 


The Scott Family

Gee-Flight-Kids.JPGOur family had the amazing blessing of being chosen by world-traveling family bloggers, "The Bucket List Family," for a trip to Burbank, California. I have always loved Disneyland and for many years, my husband and I had dreamed of taking our kids there. We kept telling the kids “soon,” but unfortunately, that dream was cut short when my husband lost his battle with cancer in November. We miss his dearly and know that he would’ve loved this trip. I feel so incredibly blessed to have spent time with my kids on an once-in-a-lifetime adventure.   


I was a little concerned to fly by myself to California with my three kids until I learned that we would be flying on Southwest. We always choose Southwest Airlines because their prices, service, and employees are the best. I love that the family boarding allows us to board the plane together so I always sit with my kids and they can be entertained all flight long free TV on the flight – that means mom gets some peace and quiet! My kids were so excited to fly on an airplane and it met all their dreams and expectations. 


Disneyland was incredible, exciting, happy, dreamy, and everything else you think of when you think of Disneyland! I loved walking into the park and hearing the Disney music as we strolled through Downtown Disney. The smells, sights, sounds … it’s all just so wonderful! Our trip home went well, but had its challenges. My kids were exhausted from the endless fun, and my sweet six year old had a terrible headache. Once again, I was so grateful to be flying with Southwest. They provided a wheelchair that my daughter could ride through the airport so her head wouldn’t hurt as bad. Once on the plane, they worked with us so she could lay comfortably. The service from Southwest made the return flight possible, and I am so grateful.


What a dream come true this entire trip was for our family. Thanks Southwest and The Bucket List Family for bringing such much joy into our life. 


The Henry Family


henry-flight.jpegThis past December our family of seven received the best Christmas surprise we could have imagined.  After submitting a nomination to "The Bucket List Family" for a trip to Disneyland, we were shocked when they contacted us saying they had chosen our family and we'd be going to California in one week!  Going to Disney is probably on most families' bucket lists, as it was for ours, but with five young children we kept putting it off so that the youngest might remember some of it.  Anyone with multiple children knows that saving up for a vacation can take a lot of time, so actually flying anywhere with our kids seemed like it may never happen.  


Our five youngsters had never flewn before so were were excited to share that experience with Southwest Airlines.  Simon and I had both flown Southwest in our younger days, so we were familiar with their open seating and free checked bags.  We also loved the "family boarding" area that allowed us to board at a designated time with other families with kids.  As a large family, we headed straight to the back of the plane so we'd be close to the bathrooms! Our kids were so excited about the drinks and snacks (and as a mom I might've actually been more excited than them because it was one less snack and drink I had to provide!).  


One special memory from our first flight (four hours from Indianapolis to Phoenix) was when our one year old boy was getting restless, and our kind Flight Attendant didn't hesitate to offer assistance.  He played with Mason to soothe his reastlessness.What a relief to have a few moments of stillness while knowing our baby was in good hands!  Our oldest son who is eight actually said this memory is his favorite from our flying experience.


People have asked me what my favorite part of Disneyland was and I've had a hard time narrowing it down to one ride, or event, or moment.  But I think the overall feeling I had while being there; the feeling of receiving such an amazing gift, seeing my children's awe in the parks and riding their first big rides, and the overall sense of adventure you feel when traveling; those feelings were my favorite part, and they won't be soon forgotten. My gratitude for Southwest Airlines and the Gee Family is endless!


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Frequent Flyer C

Love love love these stories!! Absolutely nothing more magical than Disney and Southwest to get you there!