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USS Blog Boy's Deployment Diary--Chapter Four

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For our new readers, Francisco is a great Southwest Customer who is on active duty with the USS Nimitz.  (Click on the photos to enlarge.) the-nimitz-in-the-desert.JPGLIBERTY CALL, LIBERTY CALL!!!!!! After two LONG months out to sea, our ship, the USS NIMITZ, pulled into Dubai, mosque.JPGwhich is part of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai, which is located at the "foot" of the Persian Gulf, is referred to as the Las Vegas of the Middle East. In fact, they are growing so much that 20 percent of the world's construction cranes are being used in Dubai.   As soon as they called liberty call, I ran off the ship and kissed the ground. It was so good to step on land again, and you do not know how much you take for granted until all you see is ocean for two months straight. A group of friends and I headed out into town to the Emirates Mall. This mall is popular because, well, it has an indoor ski resort. That's right--you can snow ski in the mall. They built a huge mountain within the mall with man made snow, and it's big enough to hold a ski lift! The first order of business: eat lots of food, and boy did we eat. We headed to TGI Fridays, and we each ordered the biggest steak with all of the sides. Then, we headed to the city of gold were you can buy real gold at discounted prices. After that, we visited the Hard Rock Café, were we ordered some dessert. All of us in the group were tired because we work nights so we were up all day without sleep. francisco-waking-up.JPGWe headed back to the ship and slept. The next day, I had to work on the ship, but on day three, a friend and I went on the sunset Safari Tour. But before we left, we had a surprise visit from uso.JPGAEROSMITH. They were in town for a show and decided to visit our ship. I took a picture steven-tyler.JPGwith Steven Tyler. After they left, we began the tour. We went off-roading for two hours in the middle of the desert, the-desert.JPGand after that, we pulled over and saw the sunset. sunset-in-the-desert.JPGAfter the sunset, we headed to a desert oasis. in-the-middle-of-nowhere.JPGIt was a camp in the middle of nowhere, camel-snoot.JPGand we were treated to camel rides, four wheeling, sand boarding, lots of food, and belly dancers. While sitting down for dinner, I met a family from India. They thanked us for our service to our country and for helping stablize the region. They spoke highly of our country, and I was humbled by their kindness. After the belly dancers, we headed back to the ship. On the way back, my friend got car sick, and well, let's just say I had to change clothes. Everyone in the car was sick from all the off-roading, but it was worth it. Next to our ship was the Sandbox. The Sandbox was filled with a bunch of shops, Internet access, laundry service,  and food vendors including Burger King and Baskin Robbins. There was even a stage for a live band. The average temperature in the Sandbox was 110 degrees, and I loaded up on tons of ice cream. On the last day of our visit, we headed back to the mall to get some last minute items. The mall is connected to a four-star hotel, which contained a spa. I headed to the spa to see if I could get a massage. They told me that they were booked for the day but that there could be some cancellations. I came back at 4:45 p.m. to see if anyone cancelled. They told me that I would have to wait until 5:00. While I was waiting, they took me into a relaxation room. This room was filled with five different beds, low lighting, sounds of water falling, candles, and low lighting. They brought me green tea and told me to relax. Someone did cancel their appointment...I was excited. My massage lasted an hour and a half, and it was worth every penny. After the massage, I met up with my friends, and we went snow boarding. After that, we ate our last meal ashore chilis-in-dubai.JPGand headed back to the ship. Our ship pulled out the next day for another long out-to-sea period.  
Explorer C
Francisco, Thanks for the update. It looks like everything is going for you all. I'm sure its mostly hard work, but I'm glad Captain Manazir provides you with some play time too. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading your next chapter. And try to say hi to ABH Michael Pascarella, is now working crash and salvage. He shouldn't be hard to find, he's in a silver fire sit most of the time. Best Wishes for a safe journey and homecoming. Vic
Explorer B
Francisco, As awlays I so enjoy reading your deployment diary blog. Keep up the great job and I was glad to see that you got some much needed liberty. I know we will all be looking forward to the day your blog is titled "Heading Home" Take care and God Speed Erin Duck Girl
Adventurer A
i will be sure to say hello... yes walking on land was a joy. One day down the road i will be able to say "we are heading home." As for now the work continues and its well worth it. I believe our country will be better off for the sacrifices our troops are making over here. have a good weekend.. USS BLOG BOY
Explorer A
TGI Fridays, Burger King, Baskin Robbins? Were you not brave enough to try any local cuisine. Thanks for your Service Blog Boy. I sleep better at night knowing that people like you are protecting my way of life. Robin Oklahoma City Reservations Center.
Frequent Flyer B
I'm glad you were able to have fun! I LUV shopping & music; also, Baskin Robbins, TGI Friday's, & Chili's are three of my favorite places! Massages are certainly nice. :) Thanks for another great post, & thanks for all you do! God bless, & stay safe. We'll be glad when you return home.
Adventurer B
USS Blog Boy, Man, I LUV reading your blog posts! It's good to see you get some R and R! Trojan Blog Boy and I dug your picture with you Steve! Jedi Blog Master
Adventurer A
Robin, The majority of the food was Americanized. Their mall had a lot of the same foods that are offered in America. Leah, Likewise on the food.. i couldn't find an applebees... how are things going for you? Paco, I promise that i will have lunch with you when i get to PHX. i will make sure that i have a long layover when i fly from SAN TO ABQ... USS BLOG BOY
Explorer C
Please be sure to thank your Captain for the much needed R&R that you all needed. I know that this time off was an exception and there will be very few in between so I'm glad you enjoyed your time off. Hard work does pay off most times and you've had such a strong work ethic since you started working as a young boy. A little bird told me some good news CONGRATULATIONS on your recent promotion - PETTY OFFICER DELGADO!!!! We're very proud of your accomplishments and all the sacrifices you and all the troops are making for our freedoms. We miss you terribly, but know you will be home soon. God Bless you and protect you and those around you always. Love, Mom
Aviator C
Francisco, You didn't tell us about your promotion! Congratulations and well deserved. Blog Boy
Frequent Flyer B
Yum! I LUV Applebee's, too! They should build one there! :) I'm doing well, & staying busy., thanks! I'm counting down the weeks until I board my Southwest flight to MCO; I go July 20th! Congratulations on you promotion! 🙂
Adventurer C
Keep up the good work Francisco! And congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!! Does that mean you get to drive the ship now?? 🙂
Explorer A
Congrats Francisco! Do they still make sure to pin "the crow" on your arm. If that's the case hopefully you didn't have to many well wishers haha. Well done and keep up the good work.
Explorer C
Our son is also stationed on the Nimitz. Loved reading your news. Congrats on your promotion.
Explorer C
Congrats on your promotion! :) Thanks for the updates. Glad you finally got some real liberty. Two beer days arent quite as good? I'm signed up for 'Tiger" and hope I get it. Will look you up if I do. :) Take care of yourself and stay safe!!
Explorer C
Enjoyed reading your diaries. Our son is also working nights--on the deck of the Nimitz. Hopefully we will be able to experience what life is like on the Nimitz with the "tiger" coming up soon. Stay strong and safe. Thank you for the wonderful stories--they are awesome--keep up the good work.
Explorer C
Francisco Hope you will be glad to hear that we have set up a massage centre in the Sandbox in Dubai - next time you can have a real massage next to the ship. Look out for the Dreamworks Massage Centre........
Explorer C
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