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We Struck Gold

Adventurer C
  I would like to congratulate a few of my fellow Mechanics on their awesome accomplishment:  They won Gold at the 2007 PAMA Aviation Maintenance Olympics. This was the third year that Southwest Airlines had participated, and the Team won Bronze the two previous years. whole-team.jpg The Team Members were Kyle Acuna, Scott McNabb, and Nick Ostalecki, and the coaches were Dennis Pelletier and Tom Zollars. This year, in the final round of competion, they came up against the defending champs of the past three years, MidCoast Aviation, an FBO (Fixed Base Operator) out of St. Louis, and the Southwest Mechanics beat them by 49 seconds. The competition involves seven categories:  Data Research, Systems Troubleshooting, Hardware Identification, Safety Wiring, Hydraulic Tube Fabrication, Flight Control Rigging, and Building an Operational Avionics Circuit Board. The Southwest Airlines PAMA Olympic team will look forward to defending the Gold next year at the Aviation Expo in Dallas, Texas. Congratulations again guys...  4-w_trophy_7099.jpg