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We got Spirit, yes we do! We got Spirit, how `bout YOU?

Adventurer A
Southwest Spirit CoverFor those of you in the know, Southwest Airlines has an award winning inflight magazine called Spirit!  The magazine has a word from our President, Colleen Barrett, all kinds of great articles, travel tips, puzzles (yes, Sudoku for you Sudoku people!), and even contests for you to enter.  If you haven't had the opportunity to check out this months magazine by taking a Southwest flight, check it out online!  It is a great read.
Frequent Flyer B
My hometown of TUL was in August's Spirit magazine! 🙂 One of my dear friends who works as a CSS at the TUL airport autographed my copy of it. Also, a picture of my church was in with the article. SWA LUV! 🙂
Explorer B
Who here still misses the old Spirit?
Frequent Flyer C
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Explorer C
Joe (and James), the link has a simple typo. Try "". Dan, I like the current version but really miss the old editor's comments. I really needed the puzzles this week (MDW-MCO, MCO-LAS, PHX-STL, STL-MCO, MCO-FLL, FLL-TPA, TPA-FLL and this week, FLL-MCO, MCO-SDF, SDF-MDW). I can't wait for the November issue. :
Explorer C
Hey guys!! What about having folks line up according to the NUMBER listed on their ON-LINE Boarding passes?? I have thought about this since I am usually one of the first 10 people to do On-line check-in for my flights on SWA. This would make you the first airline to do such a thing!! Just a thought!! It would be like old times where SWA handed out cards with a number on a color coded card by A, B or C boarding levels. Thanks JOHN
Aviator C
Hey John, You are a little late to the dance (and slightly off-topic, but that's ok). Read Gary Kelly's post about our new boarding procedures--you will see that your idea is being incorporated. Brian
Aviator C
Joe and Ed, We have the hyperlink fixed. Thanks for the heads up. Brian