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Explorer C

My husband is a business traveler. Several years ago, he decided to join Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program. Since then, we’ve become Chase Visa cardholders to accrue additional reward points. The points are great for family travel, but when the email came describing the Rapid Rewards Access Event for Live in the Vineyard we decided to enjoy a trip for two. It coincided with our 20th wedding anniversary, which made it even more special.


Brunch at the Westin Verasa with Joy BauerBrunch at the Westin Verasa with Joy Bauer

Stag's Leap Wine CellarsStag's Leap Wine CellarsWe arrived in Napa to a VIP reception at the beautiful Westin Verasa. After we met our fellow travelers, our driver took us on a scenic ride to Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. We were greeted with a glass of Chardonnay and given a tour of the property while hearing the history of the vineyard. We were taken into a wine cave, where an elegant dinner was served. Conversation and wine flowed freely. Afterwards, we enjoyed dessert and coffee while the musical group, The Rua, performed an intimate show. They were engaging, funny and talented. No one in the room could believe how lucky we were to be there. The night was perfect, and the best part was that it was only the beginning.


The days that followed were full of entertaining performers including Colbie Caillat, Calum Scott, Phillip Phillips, O.A.R., Michael Posner, and more. There were groups we knew and artists that we quickly became a fan of. The intimate shows were in wine cellars, outdoor winery courtyards, and the beautiful Uptown Theater. The meals we enjoyed were prepared with passion and, according to Chef Alex at Inglenook, created to enhance the wine experience. If this wasn’t all amazing enough, Southwest managed to add surprises along the way.


Inglenook EstateInglenook Estate

Zack Heckendorf and Brendan JamesZack Heckendorf and Brendan JamesThis was a trip where we didn’t have to do anything but pack. Every detail was prearranged for us. This experience provided us open access to hear the story behind the wine, the food, and the songs—all by the creators themselves. It was a trip we will not forget.


Thank you to Southwest, Chase Visa, and Live in the Vineyard for a trip that was like that special bottle of wine you will forever remember because it was shared with friends.