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What does Southwest Airlines give me the Freedom to do? Mary Noel-Hennes

Explorer B
Southwest gives each of its Employees so many different Freedoms--the Freedom to travel; the Freedom to continue to grow and learn; the Freedom to be financially secure; the Freedom to stay healthy; the Freedom to have fun--not quite as fancy as the Freedoms and rights expressed in the U. S. Constitution, but extensive, fulfilling freedoms nonetheless. The one that I appreciate the most, though, is the one that doesn't have a catchy phrase or clever logo - it's the Freedom to be me. The Freedom to ask questions of anyone, whether it's Colleen, or another of the Officers of the Company, or my Supervisor, because I function better when I know "why." The Freedom to use my sense of humor with my Customers, because I communicate better when I'm not just reciting a script. The Freedom to use creative thinking to resolve an issue, because there's not always a policy that fits every situation. And the Freedom to offer an opinion or respectfully challenge a decision without fear of reprimand or reproach, because Southwest and I both know they didn't just hire me because of my good looks-- they hire people who think and color outside the lines. Because Southwest gives me the Freedom to be "me," I can give my best to you. And it doesn't hurt that I'm free to wear athletic shoes as part of my uniform, either.