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“What’s in your Cube?” Intern Spotlight: Flight Operations Pilot Hiring Intern Zoe Wright


The following blog post was written by one of Southwest’s summer 2018 Interns, Zoe Wright.


Read below for a glimpse into life as an Intern at Southwest Airlines, and click here to learn more about the program qualifications if you’d like to apply (Sept. 1-14) for the spring 2019 program!


Zoe.pngWelcome to my little corner at Southwest Airlines’ Headquarters. My name is Zoe Wright, and I’m the Flight Operations Pilot Hiring Intern.


I’m an Arizona native, and am gearing up to finish my last semester of Arizona State University’s (Go Devils!) professional flight program. In addition, I’m also a certificated flight instructor. Here at Southwest Headquarters in Dallas, I work closely with the Pilot Hiring Team to make sure that the best pilots in the industry end up in the two front seats of our Boeing 737 fleet.


If you were to stop by my desk space on the average day, I most likely wouldn’t be there. I spend the majority of my time away from my desk, whether I’m welcoming candidates and showing them their interview space, collecting their New Hire paperwork, or setting up the New Hire dinners at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. If you happen to catch me at my space, then I’m probably tracking New Hire statistics, sending out interview invitations, or preparing for the next decision committee meeting.



Every weekend at Southwest brings new travel adventures! I’ve picked up a postcard in each new destination to remember my trips. Along with photos I’ve taken, I have each postcard hanging in my space to remind me to work hard during the week, so I can enjoy the fun my weekend travels bring!


There's no better way to locate my desk than with balloons hanging from the top! I also carry on the Arizona State University legacy started by our previous Intern, with a Sparky bobblehead showcasing my Sun Devil pride.


WIYC_Zoe_FB_d1-05.pngHome is truly where the heart is. By keeping momentos next to my computer screen, the ones I love are always close by. These photos remind me of where I’ve come from and all of the amazing people I have in my life! I also always have my water bottle nearby because in this internship I never know when my next adventure will start, so I have to stay hydrated.


With all the walking I do, it’s common for me to want something to munch on or give me a pick-me-up, so I have a drawer full of snacks, gum, water, and tea.


WIYC_Zoe_FB_d1-06.pngIt’s always been my dream to find a company whose values mirror my own. I feel so privileged to work at a Company with great Leadership, and such a wise founder like Herb Kelleher. I wrote my favorite Herb quote on my whiteboard: "If you're crazy enough to do what you love for a living, then you're bound to create a life that matters."


I absolutely love my internship and I am lucky I get to work with the great Teams of Southwest Pilots and Recruiters. My favorite part of the job is watching New Hires receive their wings at the New Hire dinners. As a pilot myself, I know how hard they’ve worked to join the Southwest Family, and that moment is extremely meaningful to each of them.