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Where are they Now? Former Campus Reach Intern, Liz Blumberg


We’re often asked if Campus Reach Interns are ever hired for full-time employment after their internship. Our answer: we love hiring Interns! The Campus Reach Program has built a talent acquisition pipeline here at Southwest, so you will see many of our former Interns roaming the hallways now as full-time Southwest Employees.

Liz Blumberg interned on the Commercial Communication Team back in Summer 2013 and Summer 2014 and is now a Senior Social Care Representative in Customer Relations. Read on for more.


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Year/semester of internship: Summer 2013 & Summer 2014

Department/Team interned for: Commercial Communication, Communication & Outreach (both times)

Department/Team and current job title: Senior Social Care Representative, Customer Relations

Years at Southwest: Three

Favorite Southwest city: Orange County, CA (SNA) – hometown, represent!

Most memorable Southwest moment/event: The end of the Wright Amendment in 2014 was an incredible moment for our Company and I loved being a part of it. I had a blast celebrating Nonstop LUV with our Employees and Customers.

First ever job: Hostess at 1940’s Style Diner

Proudest Southwest moment: Our Social Care Team getting featured on Good Morning America for all the hard work dedicated to our Customers during the busy holiday season

Words to live by: Work hard and be nice

Reasons other people should intern at Southwest: Southwest’s internship program is unparalleled. You’re treated like a full-time Employee right off the bat, and your ideas, contributions, and effort matter. You’ll never work so hard and learn so much. The free flights aren’t a bad perk either!

Ultimate Travel Tip: TSA PreCheck is the best money you’ll ever spend!

Retired Community Manager

Liz seems like a real all star.

Explorer C