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Who Says Tortoises Can’t Fly?


The following blog post has been written from Customer, Laura Vosahlik from A Critter’s Chance.


It is not every day a tortoise gets to fly, but it’s safe to say this one had a turtley-awesome experience!



turtle1.jpgFlash is a beautiful and loving African Spurred tortoise. Even though she has a lot of love to give, unfortunately; she didn’t always receive the love she deserves. Flash was handed over to A Critter’s Chance by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) after she was found in a dark, cold shed. Poor, sweet Flash was neglected and malnourished by her previous owners causing metabolic bone disease. Due to this, Flash’s shell began to deteriorate.


A Critter’s Chance then adopted Flash and treated her until we were able to find a home for her. Indiana is an amazing place to live, just not quite the best home for a large tortoise—they need lots of heat, UVB light, and a lot of fresh produce year-round to stay healthy. Fortunately for Flash, we were able to find a fantastic new home for her in sunny and warm Jacksonville, Florida.



turtle2.jpgAfter we found a home for Flash, the next question was “How do we get her to Florida?” We reached out to Southwest Airlines who immediately agreed and said, “No problem, we will get her to Florida in a Flash!” Due to the generosity of Muncie Animal Care Services and Midwest Metals, for donating a transport crate, and Southwest Airlines for donating a seat on a flight to Florida, Flash will now begin her journey to her new home, where she will be loved and cared for by her a vet tech who works at an exotic animal veterinary clinic. Flash will finally have her happy ending!

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