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World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: How Southwest Supports Survivors





World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is observed annually on July 30 to raise awareness about the crime of Human Trafficking, victims and survivors, and their rights. Southwest Airlines understands that is important we do our part to understand the issue of Human Trafficking, be able to identify indicators of Human Trafficking instances, and advocate for those who may be in a difficult situation.


To that end, we proudly support many organizations across the country whose efforts help with the rescue, recovery, and restoration of Human Trafficking survivors—including Colorado-based partner Rescue America. Rescue America is a national nonprofit whose work supports the rescuing, reviving, and empowering of the sexually exploited nationwide through a 24/7 Rescue hotline and emergency response.


Started in 2014, Rescue America helps fill a major gap in the anti-trafficking landscape—getting survivors out of their abusive situations and placing them in safe homes where they can heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Through the 24/7 Rescue hotline, Rescue America facilitates safe exits for survivors who are ready to leave their current situation.


As survivors are rescued and placed in homes across the country, there is a demand for safe, cross-country transportation. And this is where Southwest comes in! Through our partnership, Southwest donates travel, helping survivors relocate hundreds of miles away from their traffickers.


And of course, Southwest Employees always go above and beyond for those Customers traveling with us during these special circumstances. Our Employees show intentional care and kindness helping survivors navigate the normal stresses of traveling as well as additional hurdles while leaving their traffickers and situation. We know our partners at Rescue America are grateful for the amazing Customer Service and Servant’s Heart extended during these times!


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