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Yesterday's events

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As you might imagine, it was hectic and a little emotional around here on Thursday with the news from London.  Our airports are going to be a bit hectic too, and if you are traveling with us today (or the next few days), please check our Travel Advisory page on
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Ouch. I've got a friend flying home from BUF to LAX this weekend, I feel really bad for anybody affected by these security directives. But, it is for the better. I'm glad that these people were caught and their plot unraveled.
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This only serves as a reminder that we are at war and that evil people want us to live in fear. I remember boarding a Southwest flights days after September 11th, when the skies finally opened up again. On one of the flight attendants uniform shirt she had a sticker that said "KEEP AMERICA FLYING." This rings true today.. We must carry on with our daily lives...
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So far the BUF-LAX plans have been having a decent day. The leg that was scheduled to arrive at 11:40 PDT arrived at 12:55 PDT. But 971and 961 (which were scheduled to arrive at 3:20 and 6:10 PM) arrived nearly on-time. 2537 from LAS is only running 30 minutes behind ( not bad for a LAS-LAX). 321 is probably having weather issues at MDW not terrorist related. As I write 2512 is running close to schedule. Not bad for the first day for the BUF-LAX plans.
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Being unable to carry my water and tea on board will be a real problem for me. I suggest that the planes be stocked with additional beverages until this problem is resolved. I am flying this weekend and would really appreciate being handed some water or unsweetened tea as I board!
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The next day... Wow... What a terrific job you all did yesterday. Great JOB!!! What a great organization we have. Thank you! Luv ya/mean it!! Judy Ballard