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Check In Error Message 40461130

Explorer C

Our flight is not until next week but normally if you attempt to check in prior to the 24 hours before departure time, the error message received is you can't check in prior to 24 hour before your flight; try later basically.


Today, I receive the error code above and that our reservation can't be found when selecting the check-in button in app and on website.  However, the reservation is clearly in my Trips and Southwest customer services has confirmed.  What no one can confirm is why the error is different; one person said you will just get random error messages and as an IT professional, that makes zero sense.  Error messages are generated based on information entered.


Is anyone else experiencing a similar situation or do you all continue to receive the 'old' error message that you are trying to check in prior to the 24 hours window.


The agent did politely offer to sell me early bird check in; again not a true answer to the question.  Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.  


Re: Check In Error Message 40461130

Aviator A

Most people wouldn't try to check in a week in advance. Thus, they would not see any kind of error messages.


If you see that the flight is booked, and the SW rep confirms it is in the system, nothing is wrong.

Re: Check In Error Message 40461130

Adventurer A

"What no one can confirm is why the error is different"


Perhaps if you don't knowingly attempt to perform a transaction that is not allowed, you might receive fewer error messages.