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Lost purse! Please Help!!

Explorer C

Hi, I was on a flight from Oahu to Maui on 06/08/2023, and I left my black lululemon fanny pack on the flight and I heard the flight was possibly headed back to Honolulu but not totally sure. I called every single airport that the flight supposedly went to, talked to airport security for someone who might have turned it in and have gotten nothing.  There was name badges, a college magnet, credit cards, important documents, etc.  I thought i had put it in my backpack and I sadly did not. The flight number was 1614.  It seems silly, but I got it as a gift from my mom and it would mean the world to me to have it back. 


If there is anyone who has seen it tucked under the chair of the plane or has turned it in or anything, please please please help me to find it! 


If anyone has any suggestions, any word of encouragement anything it would be greatly appreciated! Praying and trying to keep my faith that someone found it and will help me to get it back! 



Re: Lost purse! Please Help!!

Aviator A

100% fill out the lost and found form:


Leave as much descriptive detail as you can. 


I would try to call the baggage offices at both airports directly as well, or even pop in to the one you are near in person.


Good luck!



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Re: Lost purse! Please Help!!

Explorer C

I have already! Thank you so much! 

Re: Lost purse! Please Help!!

Aviator C

@miapantalone  what was the outcome?  Did you ever get your purse back? 

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