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Flew on Southwest Airlines for my birthdays since Q1 2019

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My Southwest Airlines Birthday Flight Story


[Back in January 8, 2019]

I had fun flying on Southwest Airlines for my birthday 3 times annually Q1 2019. First off, when I start flying on Southwest Airlines for my 20th birthday, the gate agent let me board first because it was my 20th birthday back in 2019, and then she took me to the cockpit. Then the pilot on the left jump seat asked me if I am interested in flying as an aspiring pilot, and I said "Nah, not exactly", because all I'm going to do is to study to become a professional singer. And the pilot and the F/A notice that my singing voice is totally amazing. While passing over Hoover Dam near Las Vegas, everybody is required to close their window shades and turn the flight attendant call button for the purpose of all passengers singing happy birthday to me. And she gave me the cake made out of toilet paper and pretzels crown for my birthday before we land at Phoenix, Arizona. So, while I didn't know that transitioning to become from male to female on time, they called me by my outdated masculine real name when I got off the plane at PHX and transfer to my last flight back to San Jose. And unfortunately, I didn't get to tell them it's my birthday for my last flight because I thought that there was more empty seats going on, and that I wasn't paying attention to my reminders in my head.


[January 8, 2020]

In my second Southwest Airlines birthday flight of the year back in 2020, I flew to Vegas for my 21st birthday. When I board the plane first onboard, I notice that the F/A use male pronouns but I rarely use they/them pronouns until I was saying that I will schedule an appointment for my physical transition to become from male to female. Then, after I landed at Vegas, the F/A announced to the passengers that it's my 21st birthday and sing happy birthday to me right before we parked at the gate for de-boarding, and then the F/A gave me a big bottle of champagne when I got off the flight. At McCarran Airport, I dine at the restaurant where I eat salad and fries. Next off, I boarded a flight after I told them that it's my 21st birthday. When I board a flight to San Jose with 1 stop at San Diego, they said happy birthday to me. And after I land at San Diego for my last stop, the male flight attendant announced it to all the passengers that it's my 21st birthday, and he sang a different wat to sing a happy birthday song. And I said "Yes" right after they asked me how does it go when I hear a song coming from our male F/A. And finally, when I fly home, I suddenly fell asleep right before I land back home at SJC. Then, I'm free to give away my big bottle of champagne to my uncles.


[January 8, 2021]

Finally before my 23rd birthday onboard Southwest Airlines. On this day when I turn 22, when I board the Southwest Airlines flight to Denver, the male F/A notice that my black jacket are too similar to his when I board the flight. And while cruising, the F/A can't sing a happy birthday song to me and either he can't sing because of the global pandemic right before I land at Denver for my 1st stop to get my Panda Express done if that makes sense. Next, for my 2nd leg off to Phoenix, it's very odd that our flight attendant on the same plane didn't sing happy birthday to me during a flight but yeah, he used male pronouns around me 4 months later right before I start my transition to become from male to female. Like I told my doctor, I really want my pronouns to be respected and I'd use my female pronouns. Last off, before I board my flight back home, I was hesitant to tell them that it's my 22nd birthday, and she goes off to me "Congratulations" for the purpose of celebrating my birthday onboard Southwest Airlines. Last but not least, she said happy birthday instead of singing, but she and all the passengers cannot sing happy birthday to me because of COVID. Now last year, for my whole day, it's slightly disappointed because the F/A didn't tell all the passenger to sing happy birthday to me due to a global pandemic before I get vaccinated and then 6 months later, I got a booster shot to fight the delta variant.


That's all my story goes and I cannot wait to fly on Southwest Airlines to Vegas again for my 23rd birthday on January 8, 2022. YAY!




Re: Flew on Southwest Airlines for my birthdays since Q1 2019

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Great stories. Thanks for sharing.


Hope your 23rd is as memorable at 20 , 21, and 22 were