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I'm A-List. Can my family board with me?

All Customers traveling on a multi-passenger reservation with a Tier Member (A-List or A-List Preferred) booked on the same reservation will receive reserved sequential boarding positions directly behind the Tier Member. Tier Members and non-Tier Customers must be booked on the same reservation.


This applies if:

     a) The reservation is made more than 36 hours prior to departure 

     b) The Tier Member’s Rapid Rewards number has been saved in the reservation               at least 36 hours prior to departure.


Does this apply to Group Reservations?

This does not apply to non-Tier Members traveling with a Tier Member booked on a Group Travel itinerary.


Does a Passenger booked on a reservation with a Tier Member benefit from buying EarlyBird Check-In?

No, Customers booked on a reservation with a Tier Member will be given boarding positions prior to Customers who purchased EarlyBird Check-In. 


Can my Companion also board with me if I am a Tier Member?

At this time, Companion PNRs are not included in this enhancement. Customers traveling on a Companion PNR will be required to board in their assigned boarding position.