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Rapid Rewards credit card

Explorer C

Hi fellow travelers,


I traveled a lot this year and achieved A-list and companion pass for 2023 and 2024.  Now, I am wondering if it makes sense to use my Southwest credit card for the rest of the year?  I doubt any of my purchases count for anything other than points.  Do they count towards 2024.  Just wondering if anyone else has run into this dilemma?  Does it make to pause usage of credit card until 1/1/2024?


Re: Rapid Rewards credit card

Aviator A

Points accrue as of CC statement closing dates. So whatever you spend after your December closing date is credited on your January clsoing date and counts towards 2024.


You can move closing dates - not the next one, but the one after that. So if your November date has not yet passed, you could move your December date to the 2nd and all of your December spend would count towards 2024.