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Using RR to purchase or renew your KTN

New Arrival

I saw online that it is possible to use Southwestern RR points to purchase or renew your TSA Known Traveler Number.  Anyone know how to do that? 


Re: Using RR to purchase or renew your KTN

Top Contributor

Preface: IMO only a fool would use this redemption.  The points required to do it can get you at least $190 worth of travel on Southwest.  Use a credit card that offers you credit for purchase of PreCheck or just pay cash.


New applicants for PreCheck can exchange 16,920 RR points or 13,500 if a Southwest Chase cardholder in exchange for the $85 PreCheck application fee.  This is done through MoreRewards.  Go to, Rapid Rewards, Redeem Points for Gift Cards and More, click card member or not, travel, travel essentials.


PS... don't do it





Re: Using RR to purchase or renew your KTN

Rising Star

Learn something new every day! I never would have thought you could use RR points to renew TSA Precheck. Considering online renewals are $70, I would just pay that, unless you REALLY had some points to burn (and maybe you do). 



Re: Using RR to purchase or renew your KTN

New Arrival

Not sure if you have points on other airlines, but I used some United points that I would never earn enough for anything else, I think it was like 8,000 or something last year when I renewed my Pre-Check!