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Can't use Travel Funds to buy ticket for partner

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 Since they don't let you transfer your ticket to anyone else, to let my partner go in my place, I cancelled my flight, got a refund, and was going to pay the double price for my partners ticket, and use my travel funds. But it won't let me use my funds when paying for someone elses ticket on my account with my money.
 Is there any way around this? Feeling frustrated and like I have been fooled.


Re: Can't use Travel Funds to buy ticket for partner

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Travel funds are for the exclusive use of the person whose name was on the ticket that produced the travel funds.

Re: Can't use Travel Funds to buy ticket for partner

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dont mean to piggyback off of other posters thread, but I just cancelled our trip and got voucher for future travel also.When checking on the voucher it asks for my name and confirmation #.Then it just shows the amount of my voucher.I had to put in my husbands name and the same confirmation # to get his.I booked the trip under my name and he was the other traveller.So when I go to redeem this for both of us for a future travel will I have to book two separate airfares in order to get both vouchers? Or when I rebook both of us together will it then ask for each ones voucher? Sorry I have never done this before

Re: Can't use Travel Funds to buy ticket for partner

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I understand your frustration, but SWA is very clear about the 3 types of tickets you can buy, if you buy the cheapest fare, "Wanna Get Away" it is non-refundable and non transferable. (They do not hid this.)

Refundable fare tickets, "Anytime" and "Business Select," are exactly that, refundable in the method you purchased them so if you used a combination of travel funds refunded from a "Wanna Get Away" cancelled trip plus cash the travel funds still revert to you and are non-transferable and any cash is yours to do with as you choose.