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Changed Flight and Original Cost Differences

Explorer C

I was deciding between two departing flights when booking my trip. Both had the same second leg flight. The first was cheaper but left earlier, making the layover and overall travel time longer. The second was more expensive but left later and had a shorter travel time. I opted to spend the extra money for the shorter travel day.


I recently got notified of a change on my flight. I now leave the earlier time and spending the extra money did not end up making a difference. The prices are all different now since I booked a few months ago and I don't remember exactly what the price difference was.


Is this something worth reaching out to customer service on? I don't want to wait on hold if there is nothing that can be done. 


Re: Changed Flight and Original Cost Differences

Adventurer C

You can always try to reach out, worse they can say is no.  Instead of getting on hold, try their customer email account or I have had the best luck with their "X" account.

Re: Changed Flight and Original Cost Differences

Aviator A

You paid the price that was prevailing at the time of purchase. That's it. If you buy a can of soup at a supermarket for $2.50 and a price of a competing brand was also $2.50, and a week later the grocer has a sale on the comoeting brand for $1.99, do you think you can go back to the grocer and say "I want to switch my soup to save $.51?"  Ahh, no.


If SW changed your flight, SW allows you to make a no cost change to a different flight. That would allow you to change to the other flight at no cost.