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Email link doesn't work

Explorer C

On the reservation confirmation page there is a link to email the itinerary to several people. When I enter the email address the link never goes through. It just continues to "spin" - how can I send my itinerary another way?




Re: Email link doesn't work

Aviator A

You could forward the confirmation email you receive



Re: Email link doesn't work

Explorer C

I just need to say that if we can just forward the itinerary, it makes fixing the problem a low priority for Southwest, and makes the feature somewhat pointless.  Not that the link fails every time (it only fails about half the time), but it is really a link to customer frustration.  So, to Southwest; I would nix the link or fix the link...    😉

Re: Email link doesn't work

Frequent Flyer A

I've worked with software engineers for 30+ years.  One thing that you have to keep in mind with web-based systems is that while you continue to get the spinning circle, it doesn't mean that the job didn't finish - it means that it hasn't returned you to next screen in sequence.

Re: Email link doesn't work

Explorer C

Well it isn't getting the job done if it just "spins" which makes one wonder, as you wrote, it hasn't returned to the next screen in sequence. I sent two complaints through Customer Service. It is a real issue since this has been occurring for some years now. Is the website that used that it can't keep up? I have tried a several different hours of the day with different e-mail the recent days.