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New Travel from DTW to SJD.

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what is going on with SW scheduling ?   Been waiting for months to book a trip to SJD. Cabo from Detroit and I can only get there on a Saturday?   Someone really needs to look into the scheduling program. We use to be able to book at least 6 months out.  !  NOW it’s September  and I still can’t find a flight for February except on a Saturday.  

SW  technology is getting worse , sorry to say.  


Re: New Travel from DTW to SJD.

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Schedules change as demand shifts.  It appears there's only a non-stop flight from DTW to PHX on Saturdays and the flights from MDW (which is the other connection point from DTW) to SJD have reduced as well.  This isn't a technology issue, but rather a shifting of resources.  You may need to look at another airline if Southwest's schedule does not work for you.



Re: New Travel from DTW to SJD.

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